Monday, 15 October 2012

Lagos, Nigeria Tour Guide

Lagos, Nigeria is an amazing city to stay when planned to spend vacation, the atmosphere appeals many tourists to visit. This city is comprised with various elements including island of Victoria, suburbs and Lagos Island. Majority of the visitors who arrive in this city are travelers and business persons. The base of this city is reduced. Lagos Nigeria features very less attractions including interesting museums in which most excellent artworks of Africa are exhibited. Since this city lays closure to Atlantic Ocean, it covers various beautiful beaches to experience adventure in your trip. It is a massive city; in spite of the size it does not cover more spots for tourist attractions. The most famous spot of this city is market which is crowded with numerous inhabitants.
Lagos is the most packed out city in Nigeria, which in reality is the major country in the jagged continent of Africa. The urban area spreads on an opinion of 300 square kilometers, is basically composed of a group of islands able with creek and a lagoon. In an attempt to reduce enormous urbanization in the urban vicinity, the central administration is in the succession of rousing the capital to Abuja.
While you are in Lagos, take a break from the chaos of the city for a while to relax in the hot African sunshine on one of the city’s beautiful beaches. There are more than a dozen beaches in and around Lagos to choose from.
At Lagos Bar Beach you will see both kinds of bars, the kind that you drink at as well as the sand bars that run along the coastline. It is the most popular inner city beach, and as a result it is often crowded, which might be desirable if a party atmosphere is your scene.
If you are looking for more of a quiet getaway, try Tarkwa Bay Beach which can be reached from the Tarzan Jetty by ferry. It is a safe and friendly beach for children, and has facilities for jet skiing and water skiing.
Even more secluded is Lighthouse Beach, where you have a chance of being the only person on the beach at times.
There are several interesting museums in Lagos where you can escape from the heat and learn a bit more about African history and culture. The Nigerian National Museum has quite an impressive collection of Nigerian art, including many beautiful statues and carvings. Lagos is also home to the Black Heritage Museum, which has artifacts and documents from the historic slave route that once ran through the region.
With so many things to see and do in Lagos Nigeria, a trip here will be an action packed adventure for the intrepid traveler, which will not soon be forgotten.

Lagos is one of the largest saleable and business hubs of the state of Nigeria. City is the largest rising financial power of the African world. Lagos has very much benefited from Nigeria's innate property in oil, natural gas, coal, fuel wood and water. Light industry was widespread in post-independence Nigeria and petroleum-related industry dominated in the 1970's, directly affecting the rapid growth of Lagos.
Nearest International Airport If you are preparing to take a holiday to Lagos or any other town in Nigeria, this voyage terminal locator will be a very useful product. This page gives complete information about the Murtala Muhammed Airport terminal along with Manchester international place map, Time Location, liberty and longitude, Current time frame and time, accommodations near International airport etc. The next International airport is Cadjehoun Airport. It is located 12 kilometer from Lagos and Lomé-Tokoin Airport is another nearest International Airport in Lagos.

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